Tuesday, November 9, 2010

PMD Emerger EB & A Ugly Fly

 Here is a late day post of a PMD Emerger Extended Body.  Very busy day but I did manage to remember this post today.  These type of extended body flies are great looking little bugs even if I have had very little luck fishing them.  It is all in the timing and I guess I have never been good at that or that tricky little thing called 'matching the hatch'.  I will continue to read on the subject and practise my observation of the insects aquatic but until I get it.... I will just enjoy the beauty of these flies.

Also here is a very ugly reversed tied fly I tied after seeing how the hook of a normal dry fly dips below the waterline and is very visible to a trout.  My hope in this fly is that the hackles will disguise the hook and make it more appealing to a trout.
Is it a new technique? No.  Is it a new attempt for me? Absolutely.

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Bigerrfish said...

sweet painting Joel, a bug that I must have available,, about your reverse bug... I like your idea, I wish we could get away with no hook... I dont think flies of the future will even be able to ditch the hook, but what a nice thought, invisable hooks?