Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bead Body Fly & Working On Fish

Here is a Bead Body fly for you late in the day.  I have fished one of these type flies without any results worth talking about but they are nice to tie and beautiful to look at in your fly box.  To be fair to the bead body fly, the day I fished it I doubt if any fly would have enticed those stubborn fish to bite.

I have also been working on a commissioned piece over the last week or so and thought I'd throw a teaser out there to let you know what you will be seeing on the weekend.  Just a hit,  the painting has three of the best known fish sought in fly fishing.  As you can see below, here is an initial sketch of one of the fish in the work with just a base layer of paint added to work from. 


Bigerrfish said...

I like the rasta bead bug!!

Unknown said...

Maybe should call it The Bob Marley..