Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brick And Mortar Salmon - New Painting

Ever see those big vintage advertising signs painted on the side of old businesses and think, 'that is pretty cool'?  Well so did I and after toying around with the idea in my mind for a while I came up with this new watercolor.
  Based on a vintage Salmon cannery logo, I painted this brick by brick, adding in little details in every single stone.  I took special care to add in the rust of age on various steel and metal parts that had been added to the building through the years.
  I wanted to keep the salmon basic on this piece as it would have been on any hand done sign painted on the side of a building.  The varied colors of brick made for an interesting look and I am eager to get started on the next painting in this style.  
'Brick and Mortar Salmon' 
 18 in. X 12 in.
Watercolor On Paper
For Sale