Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hot Spot PT & The Boy & I Fishing

 Here is a new one for you.  The Hot Spot Pheasant Tail.  I figure that it just might attract a bit of attention from a passing trout.  If you add a few legs it should liven it up a bit.

So the other day I packed up the van and took my little girls to school and then me and the boy headed out of town for a few hours of fishing.  This time I tried something new, I took my Tenkara rod in the hope that it would be easier for the little guy to hold.  Unfortunately it had rained for the last two days and the water was up so the place where I was hoping to put us close to trout was submerged.  I did managed to find a few promising secondary spots but was foiled again by the high water and complete lack of fish, so me and the boy spent most of the morning walking up and down the stream, throwing rocks in the water, checking out bugs, and simply enjoying the outdoors.

 In the end it was a fun, if not fish filled morning.  We caught nothing but a few burs in out pant legs but as all my time spent with my kids, it was a wonderfully unsuccessful fishing adventure. 
As for my daughter, She was not so happy to be left behind.  I cant blame her.  Next time little time.


Lou DiGena said...

The Hot Spot Pheasant Tail looks good I'll have to try it out. Kids don't care if they catch fish. It the time out they remember.

Unknown said...

Well said. Looking back on my own childhood I don't remember the fish only the time spent fishing.