Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LL Widow Maker, Vote, & Bigerrfish Flies

 Here is a BH Midge with long legs.  I added a bit of red and blue to the background because, well its election day.  I also think this fly will kill trout and here by call it the Long Legs Widow Maker.  The recipe.....I am working on it but will let you know, unless a few of you can post a reply with what you think is best to tie this bad bay,...er, bad girl.  My best guess is wrapped Pheasant Tail body, tagged with CDC, Thin black ribbing, Peacock hurl, some sparse Partridge for legs, and a Gold Bead on a size 16.


Have You?

Third, I got a package in the mail yesterday from avid blogger and renegade fly tier Josh at Bigerrfish.blogspot.com.  In this package came a gaggle of flies that he had been tying throughout the course of the summer as well as a few patterns he has sworn by.  Most of these I recognized as flies we had worked on jointly through our Summer On the Flies venture.  If you love fishing trout and want to see some great pics along with down right Amazing fishing reports, VISIT HIS SITE.
 Josh has been a great supporter of my site and continuous encouragement throughout the year.  I have yet been able to make a trip to fish his home waters but look forward to the opportunity.  With these flies now occupying a large portion of my box, I can at the very least test his flies on my home waters.  I cant wait to try them out.

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Bigerrfish said...

Joel, It goes both ways... Take those bugs and Fish em hard, plenty more where they came from.
You have been as loyal to me as I am to you. But You choose to share your art every day, so the least I can do is share some flies with you...

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