Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yellow Strip Tarpon Taker

Here is another Tarpon Fly for the salties out there. There is a different beauty to the salt water flies out there. Bright and colorful, they are meant to compete with all of the other colorful fish in the ocean. It makes for some interesting painting (and Tying) opportunities.

Caught a bit of a sailfish, sword, and marlin fishing on the sports channel the other day. This dude hooked into a swordfish with 4 pound test and strait up stood this fish on its tail for about 50 yards. Exploding out of the water, this fish thrashed, hook in mouth, right at this guy and the boat from he was fishing. Head wagging and throwing spray the whole way, the fish actually rammed his sword into the wood transom of this boat, leaving about an inch of bill in the boat. You can say what you want about the power if editing and such but if watching something like that doesn't make you want to hook into one of those at some point in your life.... Well all I got to say is you need to get some new blood in your veins because the stuff you got now in there now has lost its will to live.


Bigerrfish said...

scoot the eyes up a little........ there now it looks like a baby brown trout to feed the big brown trout,, ooooh, a tiny bit of deer hair on top the head to keep it upright..... mmmmmm im gettin hungry.. oooooh wait thrown a little rabbit strip on there....... wait.....dont fish it yet!! lil bit of white marabou under the eys..... k be ready!!! <

Unknown said...

Tweek it dude! Make it your own!