Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trout Skin & New Wine

The other day I got to bottle - and taste test - my new wine. Last August we started the whole wine making process with a few bushels of peaches and then again in October with the apples. This was my first attempt at the whole wine making thing and I was quite nervous on how it all would turn out. The waiting and watching. The watching and waiting. Racking the wine to get rid of sediment, then racking it again, and in the case of the peach, racking it again. Basically its a long process and yet another hobby that teaches patience. Ive also learned that like my painting and fly fishing-fly tying it is more an art than just a following directions.
Anyway, you are probably wondering what the end product was like. Luckily I can tell you we do NOT have vinegar and yes it is drinkable. It may not win (No... It definitely will not win!) and wine making contest but for a first time attempt it is not half bad. Neither batch was overpowering or pungent but neither was as smooth as I would have liked. From what Ive read, being a young wine, this is not to uncommon.
For the apple it was good, could handle a few months or more in the bottle, but it was nice and slightly dry but not with an overpowering finish. In a few months or even years it will be great.
The peach was slightly more alcoholic and need more time. It had a slight bite to it and was still a little cloudy. We are hoping that with time it will clear and age nicely.
We also did quite a few of the bottles with a 50/50 mix and this seemed to be the best of the bunch. It had a little more body and complexity with a more pleasing finish. Again, it needed a Little time in the bottle.

The labels I did myself the other day. Simple paintings for a simple wine. Again, these are in watercolor. Now with the carboys empty we are going to try our hand at a little strawberry and watermelon wine next...... I am optimistic that we will take what we have learned and improve on our art.... or maybe we will get a nice batch of vinegar....

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Bigerrfish said...

I thought I would tell you... I help take care of a huge vineyard for making wine.. taking care of plants and watering, mending fences and driving the tractor.. No money exchanged.... just access to the river!! hell of a trade!!