Monday, May 3, 2010

A Hopper & Hometown Baseball

Here is a little hopper in honor of the numerous short hops I witnessed our third basemen field a few days ago. It was my first time to a hometown baseball game in quite a while.

I had forgot,or maybe never really appreciated how entertaining and relaxing it can be. Growing up I was never really that big of a baseball fan. I enjoyed the contact sports a little more. I played through high school, along with basketball, and enjoyed myself but felt that soccer was more my sport. Well, the other day I went with a buddy of mine to our local Greenville farm team and watched with a new admiration for the game. With a few brews, a hand full of peanuts, and a foot long I watched our team get pummeled. 10 to 0 at the bottom of the third. The eventually made a game out of it with more than a few high fly balls deep but still couldn't close the gap. I even got a fielded ball for my kids. (my youngest saw it on the counter the next morning and promptly threw it across the room. man he has an arm.... and knows how to push Mommy's buttons) Anyway, my new resolution is go to more games and at @ $5 bucks a head it is well worth it....

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