Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Midnight & Sometimes Less Is More

Here is a little Reno Trout fly.
Also I've added a little pic of a fly tying box I made a few years ago for my brother inlaw. While I was visiting I saw this in his den and cracked it open only to find the basics of a fly tying kit. He is an avid bass and pan fisherman but fly fishing has never really been a big thing for him. He has tried it-as well as tying- but it never seemed to appeal to him. I'm not entirely sure why that is because it seems the more I do it the more and more I want to do every type of fishing with a fly rod. I know that many fly fishing enthusiast can relate to this desire. So as I looked through his sparse fly box in search of materials for a quick few bass streamers I was reminded of my own sparse beginnings half a decade ago. Today I search through my own fly box (which realy is about 5 times his size and is more of a chest than a box) for just the right hair and fur, thread or flash and constantly desire more choices, more material, more stuff until my own box is overflowing. Well in his box with only the bare necessities I made due and tied some flies.
These Buck tails and marabou streamers caught over half a dozen bass and countless pan fish, proving once again that sometimes you need to make due with what you got.
I only wish our government would learn this lesson instead of either passing the buck or raising taxes.


Brian J. said...

Nice! Also that watercolor brookie is absolutely fantastic great sense of depth with that dark tail and I love how his eye is looking at the fly. good work


Anonymous said...

Joel- Sure enjoy reading your blog. I am amazed at your talent of tying flies. Not so surprised at a desire to fish. You always did love it.
Have a great day son.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words