Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poached Cains River via Brk Trt

Once again I am poaching flies from other blogers. This one comes from Brk Trt Small Stream Reflections blog. The original is a GREAT fly tied by Phil Foster.

Here is a little philosophy for those outdoors types that hunt, fish, and generally enjoy the primitive life. I was reading a little Zane Grey the other day and I came across this gem. "...Not to practice strive, not to use violence, not to fish or hunt is to retrograde as a natural man. Spiritual and intellectual growth is attained at the expense of the physical."
Now that is something to think about. What he was talking about before this quote was how high minded some naturalists are about the primitive sports like hunting and fishing. It seem that even in 1919 there were those that looked down at the sportsman as barbaric and did not understand his passion. He goes on to say that someday he himself might attain this lofty ideal to watch nature and not interact with it,,,,, and then went on to talk about how hooking into a bonefish will forever change ones life.
Anyone who has hooked into a bull of a fish or felt the heart race before realeasing the tention on a full pulled bow can attest to the connection one feels to nature. I dare say that the connection one has to the natural world while hunting or fishing is something that a non outdoor sportsman will ever understand. That being said, preservation is KEY to our human race enjoying the fruits of the natural world in the years to come. God set up the order and its our duty to preserve every aspect of that order. A balance is necessary and figuring out that balance is where it gets tricky....


Bigerrfish said...

That's is so true, and well stated. Why do I hunt fish, and carefully return them un-harmed? for every reasion that you mention, because God set up the order!! nice post Joel, its nice to see you write a little. a picture is worth a thousand words, yes, but no words,, takes away from the picture.... sometimes.

Unknown said...

Yeah, once in a great while I'll throw out a quality post with real thought behind it. Should do it more often. Thanks.

Brk Trt said...

A beautiful painting of a beautiful streamer.

Your work is top shelf.

The water color brookie is also fine.