Monday, August 23, 2010

Red Blue Challenge

How do you make this fly? I painted it but short of dying my own buck tails, where do you find red and blue deer hair. I believe brown, white, and black are the common colors but I recently got hold of a yellow buck tail Which Is GREAT for the streamers I love to fish. I think I can only tie this with feathers. If you can tie this with buck tail, send me a pic of your work and how you tied it and I'll post it here with a plug for your blog/site.


StridArt said...

Nice one...i like it. I'll pay attention to the responses as I'd love to know what the heck is used for the similar fly i painted this weekend:

Brk Trt said...

I like the new look.

You can purchase colored bucktails at most online shops.

J. Stockard, abd Bearlodge Angler are good sources,

Bigerrfish said...

dies are cheep and easy to find, most of the time they come in small easy to use dispencers called markers.

Unknown said...

Peter - I realy liked your fly. All American, flag and all.

Brk Trt - Thanks for the info. Whenever I hit a flyshop I look but never find odd color hair I like - time to look online. Thanks.

Bigerrfish - Love the comment. Sharpie is probably best bet to customize a small selection of flies. By the way I'll post your tied version on the 25th. I do challenge you to tie up Peters fly. If mine was simple I'd like to see an American Fly tied up. Good Luck!