Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holding A Brown

Here is a progressive record of my latest work. I name it Holding A Brown for obvious reasons. It measures roughly 12"x9" and is done with my usually palette of colors. I did use quite a bit more oranges and yellows in this piece because I really wanted it to stand out. If you wanted a trophy pic of yours painted, this is how it would look as an original piece of art. This work is for sale, just email me for the details. It is also available as a 8x10 print for $11.00 + $3.50 s&h.

As always, I first start out with a precise sketch.

Then add a base color to work from.

Then add the details, details, details.

And more details.


Feather Chucker said...

This has to be one of my faves. Great painting!

Bigerrfish said...

See, things like This is what makes you stand out from the other fish/fly/artists...
Looking at your painting, I can see your passion for the trout, capturing its beauty with each shade.. The water dripping off the chin, is sitting there in such a way that, well, those things speak loudly to me, It shows that they are Alive, creatures who live here with us, seeing all things that man can not, We as humans get something like that in that hand of ours, and the shock sets in, as we now have possession of something that lives beneath the surface of water.. look into its eyes, is it looking back? we cant tell. is that pumping jaw, a gasp for air? or habit? are they smart or stupid? stupid would be a compliment for a fish. This work of art shows that fish are not foolish but you can fool one.
Well done!

Reply your comment on bigerrfish...
Anyone with a "Real" drive to see a fish in hand Is welcome on my door step any day. In other words Joel, when your ready for a get away... Head for Co... I wont let you down.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the momments guys.

Albert A Rasch said...

That's why you're an artist and I draw stick figures... poorly.

Best regards,
Albert A Rasch
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