Monday, August 9, 2010


Had a chance to hit a Gander Mountain the other day in Wisconsin and picked up a few things I probably don't need and will rarely ever use but they were on sale and well.... I am weak
Does anybody else have this problem when entering any outdoor shop?


Bigerrfish said...

I suffer from another problem... Thinking I "need" everything,, but not "wanting" anything. does that make since?.. I need this need that, to make my fishing life easier, but what do I want?... Nothing materialistic,,, I just want to fish with the things I need.
So, as to the need for entering the outdoor shops.. I'm allergic to em, unless it comes down to necessity... then, I own the joint!

Michael Agneta said...

I tend to buy random stuff when I go in a place like that. Example, when I go in Cabela's, I'll pick up some trinkets, but always end up buying food - like fudge, or the big bags of candies - as if I couldn't buy those at a grocery store or something...