Monday, August 16, 2010

Making A Midge

Here is me diagramming a new midge idea. Thought this was a cool concept so I sketched it out in a pad for a larger work later on. Plus I only had a pencil with me so this works good for now. Expect to see a larger work later on.

Thought I'dpost a pic of the back of my jeeps window. A few years ago I had one sicker and it has gradually evolved into a plethora of stickers reflecting my interests. I had never intended on being one of those guys that covers his back window till he can't see out of it but over the years my jeep has gathered quite a few. I don't think I'll ever reach the advertising level one sees in Nascar but it looks like I'm getting close.

By the way, The other side of the window has about four more hiking, fishing,hunting stickers and the spare tire is an advertisement for the one and only Jimmy Buffett. Fins Up!

Does anybody else out there have this sticker compulsion on their trout chasing vehicle????


Cameron Mortenson said...

TFM REPRESENT! Appreciate making your Jeep's window.


Michael Agneta said...

I like the new midge idea, would like to see more of that.

As far as the stickers...planning on getting a new vehicle next year, so I've already started a stockpile.

Lou DiGena said...

I like the design. What color bead and thread?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you like it. I was thinking black or red thread with a translucent glass green bead for a head. I like the glass beads even if they don't make the fly as heavy as the brass ones. I will prob tie a few variations for fun.