Friday, August 20, 2010

Quick Sketch

Just a quick sketch that can get me through another day. Not every day can be a masterpiece. I do have a day job.

Also here is my finished prototype for my wooden fly rod case. It isn't perfect but with the information I got from building this case I plan on making another one for one of my larger glass rods. Using what works and scrapping what didn't - or what I just plain don't like - My next will have a few improved features. I still like the overall look and It is a BIG improvement over my last case.

I know what some of you are thinking out there. My wife is thinking the same thing. Why a new case or why not just save yourself the work and trouble and buy a store bought case? My answer is simple. I have a hard time paying the prices some of these guys charge for a product I don't Really need or something I could build myself and do better. I have always enjoyed making my own stuff for less. Just check out my home made backpacking stove I posted a few weeks ago. Its a skill of ingenuity I think that a lot of Americans have lost. Its the idea Thoreau talked about and an idea that's often undervalued. In this buy buy buy world it is just easier to go to Wallmart or Ebay and buy it. I am often guilty of this but when I can I make it myself. I like the challenge.
I also added a little compass in the top of this case that I got from a pack of beef jerky of all things. Its cheep but it works and is now protected and sunk into the cap of my rod case. I wouldn't count on it to sail the Atlantic but it serves its purpose.


Michael Agneta said...

Great job on the case. Something you should definitely be proud of. The compass is a very nice touch. What did you use for hardware - for both the cap and strap? Can't quite make it out in the pictures.

Bigerrfish said...

Yea man! That should keep the rods safe for ever, and another work of art.
I dig making things myself and often spend too much time and not enough money doing it, resulting in simi-usefull stuff to give away. but none the less It's fun and rewarding at the sametime. Gives me a post idea for sure.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys, Its a leather strap for the lid and the case is made from poplar.