Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brooks Browns & Bows Trout

Here is a great looking trout taken from the Brook, Browns, & Bows blog. Sometimes I am inspired by those that follow my blog and when I feel the need to paint a bigger work, I often turn to these followers for great looking pictures. You can call it poaching, but I call it a tribute to those fellow trouters out there. Plus a plug for those great blogs never hurts. Check out his blog and see the real thing!
I've done a progressive work photo record for this using my phones camera so excuse the quality. The actual work is @ 18 inches by 10 inches with a Trico fly placed near the tail.
First the sketch..

Work in some color..

Color the hand...

Add the Fly & Done!

Colors used in this work Include:
Prussian Blue
Deep Hookers Green
Olive Green
Deep Red
Permanent Orange
Azo Yellow
Paynes Grey

Hope you all enjoy this work and keep posting those fishy pics.


Bigerrfish said...

Nice!!! I need some deep hooker green dubbing for my streamers.

JMP said...

awesome painting....very impressed...By the way, it is not poaching...glad you enjoy our blog and happy you used one of our photos...thanks again...