Monday, August 30, 2010

Bass Bug Sunfish

Here is Bassin sunfish posted for all those that try the big warm water jumpers on a fly rod. I know a few of my new followers really hit those bass hard. One has even won some events and cash for their bassin skills.

I have real admiration for those that tie these big hair bugs and do it well. I have tried my hand at tying up a few hair bugs and I got to tell you they are tough to do well. Mine end up vaguely looking like a fur ball even after a close shave. The hair is uneven and all in the wrong direction and its a mess. Its no wonder the stores charge so much for these. The material and time needed to do these well really adds up.


The Average Joe Fisherman said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Leigh said...

Joel, Looks great - with these high temps in CT the trout are turned off but the bass are active. That looks like an effective fly.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys. Here in SC bass are about all thats available unless you can find a high mountain stream with a deep hole. This guy should fool a bass.