Sunday, November 27, 2011

Links On A Barbel

Some of you might see this painting and think of a carp and in truth you are not far off the mark.  This painting was done for a friend over in Spain that is an avid Barbel fly fisher.  I had been putting it off mainly because I had been intimidated by the rough fish.  Its colors, scales, and shape posed a challenge to me and I was about as familiar with it as an Inca warrior would be of the A-10 Warthog (my dream aircraft by the way).
After a bit of research through this thing we call the world wide web, and numerous drawings, I decided to finally put my anxiety aside and try my hand at painting one in watercolor.
Hope you enjoy the painting and the links.


Jay said...

The A-10 is awesome... the American Stuka! A truly awesome machine. I saw one a few years back at an airshow and was blown away at how quiet they are when they approach. I was fascinated reading about them as a young boy with dreams of being a fighter pilot, but it wasn't until this recent experience that I actually got to see one in action. I actually have one made out of Mountain Dew cans that I bought at a craft show. Check the makers out here:

Unknown said...

Jay - You got to love the A-10. I would take that over those other fighters any day. As for those can planes - those are sweet. I might just have to get one of those. Thanks for the tip