Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barbel Sketch & Dean Brody CD Winner

First off, Congrats to the winner of the free Dean Brody cd.  Robert Dares of the Cottage Chronicles ( ).  It was not overly hard for the random number generator to select from the entries but non the less Robert will be receiving this great album in the next week.
As for the fish pictured above, it is a Barbel. I know it looks like an American carp but apparently there is a few species of this fish in Europe that are a blast to hook o a fly rod. I'm sure they are in the same family as our carp but it will take bit more research to determine the specifics.  In the mean time check out , hit the translate option and do a bit or reading. It's always good to expand ones knowledge beyond your own world and see what makes those Spanish anglers tick.
'Barbel 9-1'. - 7in x 6in. ink on paper.  Email me for purchasing information.


Carlos Del Rey. said...

Drawing really special friend!
I put the link to your blog too, keep in touch.

HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

Love the've got some killer artwork that I really enjoyed looking through (maybe I can talk the wife into getting me one for x-mas!). I'll be following along.....Jeff

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Carp on the fly....I'm working on it!

Unknown said...

Carlos - Thanks for the kind words and the link
Dave - much appreciated
HPFF - thanks and anytime you want a wall hanger you'll know where to find me:
Kevin - this is ad close as I've been and I'm working on it as well.