Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Peacock Bass

I have wanted to paint up a Peacock Bass for some time but for some unknown reason I have put it off. I think the vivid colors and distinct look of a peacock bass might have had something to do with.  Whatever it was that made me drag my feet on this beautiful fish, I have put it behind me with the completion of this watercolor.
For those interested in the process of laying down watercolors or just like to see how a painting like this develops, I have added a pair of pictures taken during the painting.
I am hoping to someday make the journey down to the southern hemisphere to hunt this colors species of bass in its native habitat but I suspect that the closes I will ever come to this fish will be a possible trip to Florida to hook into a few that have been planted there to kill off another non-native fish that has had a devastating effect of the backwaters and lakes.  I'm not a big supporter of introducing new species to established waters but in this case I hesitantly believe it is justified and am somewhat thankful.
For one, they have been introduced to hunt a non-native species that is uncontrolled by the native fish.  And for another more selfish reason, I might have the opportunity to hook into one in the future without having to travel to the jungles of the Amazon.  from what I've read about the Florida Peacock Bass, they are considerably smaller but just as brilliant as both a game fish and photographic opportunity.
Anyway, this watercolor was painted on 100% cotton acid free paper that has been hot pressed to a smoother finish.  It measures 8.5in x 6.5in.  If you would like to own this piece please feel free to EMAIL me and I'll shoot you the details and how you can purchase it.  And as with all my original watercolors, they come with a pre-cut mat and backing board ready to be framed.  All you need to get is a frame and a nail to hang it from.  In a day or so I will be placing this work up on my Buy A Print Page where you can also purchase a beautiful 8x10 mated print of this or other works.


Blake said...

I've always wanted to fish for those. Vicious fish. It's colors sure make for a great watercolor. Kudos!

Carlos Del Rey. said...

Big Joel!!

Unknown said...

Blake and Carlos, thanks for the comments. Like you Blake, is love to hook into one of those some day.