Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salute The U.S. Navy Seal Frogman

  This graphic I cooked up pretty much sums it up - The US Tactical Divers are the some of the most skilled soldiers in the entire world.  In a day where there is a lot of talk about troop draw downs and reducing our armed forced size to pre-WWII levels I encourage every American to set politics aside and just remember and appreciate what these men have sacrificed for our American freedoms.  You might not have ever heard of their accomplishments but that's the point.  They come from the sea quietly, do their job, and then silently return without a word.  These men and numerous other members our our military do their jobs and you never know about it but their actions keep you safe.  You hear about the exploits of some Hollywood actor every second of the day while these true heroes are busy preserving freedoms around the world.  Take time to thank a service person today.  Tomorrow they just might save your live.

  (If you like this graphic and want to read more then check out my previous salute to the Air Cav HERE)


Mark Kautz said...

Back in the 80's a girl who worked in the lab at the company I worked for was married to a former Navy Seal. He had been captured during the Vietnam War and spent time in a prison camp. I only met him in person once, but he was someone I would never want to cross. He was a very spooky guy.

Jay said...

I had the honor of playing volleyball with a former Navy Frogman... he was a "SeaL' before they were called Seals. He was 82 years old playing volleyball with guys a third his age. I ran into him a few times, both of us going after the same ball, and it was like running into a brick wall. He also played college football for USC (the one in CA, not SC) and had played in the Rose Bowl for a National Championship as a young man. He was a legendary sort of guy and was athletic and active right up until a few months before he passed. He was by far the toughest old dude I've ever met, and a man I will never forget.

Anonymous said...

Good point but stick with fishing.

Unknown said...

Well said Joel. I've got so much admiration for anyone who puts on the uniform and serves.

CARF said...

Very cool graphic!

My father was a Navy SEAL, and one of my Uncles is a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief. They're two of the toughest guys I have ever met.

Anonymous said...

No Navy SEAL has ever been captured alive. Only reasonable argument is Roberts who fell out of a helo, injured, taken, and moments later killed. I believe it would serve some to contact Don Shipley to verify these "SEALs" you know.

Justin if you're the son of a US Navy SEAL you should be very aware of my above statement.

Unknown said...

Mark - anybody who served in Vietnam has earned my respect. From all I've read, that was a rough time.

Jay - They sure to do put the Fit in fitness. A group of tough individuals

Anonymous #1 - um.. okay.

Howard - here here. I Second that.

Justin - Thanks man. They have earned everyone's respect and I thank them for their service.

Anonymous #2 - Not sure what to make of that. My intent was to honor those that serve and highlight an elite and highly skilled unit not to start an argument about who served and who didn't.