Thursday, February 20, 2014

Graphic Designs For The Angler

    I'm not a guy that keeps his eye on the changing styles of fashion.  My last graphic designed shirt I purchased was a generic fishing tee on the sales rack about two years ago and my go-to shirts lately have been a selection of sweatshirts and flannels.  The fact is that fashion isn't on the forefront of my mind when I hit up the fly shops but maybe these designs will change that.
     No I am not getting into the tee-shirt selling business nor am I launching a new line of clothing but for some reason I feel the need to showcase my graphic designs on the back of clothing.  Stick them on a wearable canvass and they just look cool - plus it looks as if my artistic talents could actually be used in a functional manner instead of wasting away in a file somewhere unused.
  My latest sketch was a digital doodle of a brown trout and the slogan 'Brown Ain't Boring' arched over his back.  The graphic itself is okay but its missing a canvas.  Stick this on the back of a comfy brown hooded sweatshirt and Bamm!  We got a cool looking piece of streamside outerwear.

    Some of you might remember the inked sketch I did a little while ago of this fly.  It looked good on paper but what could I do with it.  Well I dug it up from the files and transferred into digital form and stuck it on the back of another hooded sweatshirt, this time as a black on black design.  End result looks like it could fit in in any one of those trendy stores in the mall.  I can totally see the guys from Southern Culture On The Fly wearing these sweatshirts at the next local show.  Heck, I might even look at making it my next purchase.  Screw the box stores.  I make my own designer shirts!

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Dave said...

hell yeah I'd wear that. sick design there fella