Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Watercolor Brook Trout 'Feeding Brookie'

    I had a little time yesterday morning so I broke out the watercolor paints and a Bristol sheet of paper and flipped a little paint around to come up with this brightly colored 'Feeding Brookie' painting.  I am not going to cloud this work with a lot of mumbo jumbo on how I painted it or how much I love hooking into these unique fish, so instead I'll just let the painting do the talking.

  'Feeding Brookie'
Watercolor on Bristol Paper
14in x 11in
For Sale - Email for purchasing.
This painting will soon be posted on Hexfishing.com

The fly is small #16 red and green beadhead mayfly nymph I have used many times on secluded streams.  Brookies love the color red and orange.  I cant explain it, they just do.
  I hope all you enjoy the rest of the week.

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