Monday, February 24, 2014

Trout Tails

   How about a little abstract Trout Tails to start your Monday morning off.  I recently completed a 12in x 24in canvas painting of the 'big three' of the trout world from a slightly different view.  What started as an experiment in color ended up being this portrait of a Brook trout, Brown trout, and Rainbow trout exiting the scene.  Painted in acrylic on canvas, this painting was done more as a study for future works but as it hangs in my office I have grown to enjoy the brightness and simple lines which is a departure from my standard style.  I will no doubt do another painting with this scene but instead of trying to duplicate the natural photo realistic qualities of the fish I think I will use more abstract lines and simplify it further than it already is.  That being the case I will price this 'study' cheap.  Feel free to contact me for purchasing details.

'Trout Tails'
12in. X  24in.
Acrylic on Canvas
For Sale  

   For those of you who could care less about the painting and are wondering when the weather will break so we can get out fishing, my answer is soon.  Only a week ago we were burried up to... okay we had only about 6inches of snow but for the south it was a lot.  This week however finds us in the full bright sun-filled sky of spring.  70 degrees, flowers blooming, and the grill already warmed up for the endless parade of red meat that await.  It also means the waters will be warming up soon and that means the bass will soon be coming to surface.  
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Mark Kautz said...

If I could just get Lady Luck to blow on my lottery ticket, I could get a lot more of your paintings. They are awesome. Can you have a talk with her?

Unknown said...

Mark - thanks- I will, right after she works on mine. ..

cofisher said...

Well, I'm glad you are focusing on your art. As soon as I get some doctor bills paid, I'll be in the market.

Mel said...

Very nice, Joel. That is an eye catching piece of work. I am sure someone will snap up a good deal.