Monday, February 17, 2014

Dutch Poster Design

    Yes, I know this has nothing to do with Fly Fishing or Flies, or Trout but since this is also a blog on my art I thought that I would share this recent piece with you.  I was recently commissioned to submit a poster for festival in Manhattan Montana.  Nothing says Dutch like Tulips and a wooden shoe clad in a delft blue floral design. Celebrating the regions Dutch heritage, this annual event benefits Manhattan Christian School and helps to provide quality education to the areas youth.
    As with all Dutch events, food will be a key draw but the auction should provide some interesting finds for those that can attend.  From art to antiques, the items up for sale often get the crowd bidding.  In the past there has also been a number of fly fishing trip, rods, reels, and fly fishing art up for sale so if you are in the neighborhood next month, you might just want to stop by on your way to hitting the Madison River.

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