Monday, March 3, 2014

Troutalope, Streamer King, Music, & #GlassIsnotDead

    On a Monday that again finds winter weather smacking us in the face I thought I'd give you a few links that could occupy your time.
  First off I got this awesome sticker in the mail the other day from  I helped to design this logo for Steven and now that he had them made into stickers I just had to have one.  It looks sweet on the back on my jeep.  Click on over and pick yourself up one for a more than fair price.  You will be the envy of all your fishing buddies.

  Second up is a recent design I did for The Streamer King.  The logo says it all.  You want some killer streamers then click on over and get some hand made brown trout killers.  They are the King of all streamers on the water.

And finally I leave you with a pick of my weekend activity.  Friends, steaks, beverages, Roger Creager and Rober Earl Keen On the radio, 70 degree weather, and a coozie from Cameron over at the fiberglass manifesto and #glassisnotdead- not a bad way to pass the afternoon.  Don't worry northerners, spring is on the way soon.

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cofisher said...

I really like both those stickers Joel. You are the king of logos!