Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Go Mainstream - Hexfishing Now On Facebook

  That's right.  I have fought it as long as I could but I now give in. Hexfishing and this artist are now a members of Facebook. You will now be able to viewed, shared, thumb, poke, like... or what ever else Facebook feature you choose to my future art.
https://www.facebook.com/hexfishing is your additional source for quick updates to this blog, paintings and projects I am working on, trip reports, gear reviews, and all things fishy.
    Last week at the Fly Fishing Show in Winston North Carolina I ran into so many fans of my art that asked if I had a Facebook page that I felt obliged to give followers of this blog what they want.  In addition to that news - In the coming month or so I will be posting a contest to promote this new outlet for my art so if you are already a member of Facebook and follow this blog, click the link https://www.facebook.com/hexfishing and become a Facebook follower of the Hexfishing page.  If you are not on Facebook don't stress, I will still be regularly posting on this blog so you wont miss out.
    As for the Facebook logo you see here, no, it is not a new look for social networking site.  It is a little illustration I cooked up just for this post.  It is yet another example of some of the computerized art I have been fooling with lately.  It isn't a bad look for the simple f logo though.

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