Saturday, December 11, 2010

Three Kings Of The Stream

 Right now you are thinking to yourself, man that look quite a bit like the last three trout painting he did, why doesn't he get some new stuff.  Well in case you missed yesterdays post, this painting is similar to the previous on purpose.  It seems that during shipment of the previous painting, the shipper decided that it would be good to place an elephant on top of the box that was holding my clients painting.  As you can guess, this is not a good thing to do to a piece of art.
 So in order to replace the first original I have tried to duplicate it with the same style and at the same time make this piece original in its own rite.  You might notice the addition of a more colorful background to this work.  My client suggested that I add some of the effect I have used as a background for some of my flies and this is what I came up with.  Overall I think it worked well.  It adds a dimension of the fish in their natural environment.
 I have also changed the layout of fish in the work.  I find that when I copy the same painting over and over again, I get board with it and the overall work suffers.  It is important to keep the artistic drive for each of my original works if I want it to truly be special.
 After dropping in all the color layer by layer, nothing is left but to add the finishing touches.  Adding spots, sharpening lines, detailing fins and so on take time but in the end it improves the piece too a polished work of art.
On the suggestion of a few bloggers, I have added a picture of me at work.  I am not sure why anybody would like to see me working on a piece but as they say, give the people what they want.  Notice my fishing cap -Life Is Good - Trout Cap.  Hopefully I can replace it soon with a custom Year On The Fly Cap.  I have been looking into making a handful of baseball caps with a bit of art on them for sale on this site. Keep an eye out for them in the future.


Bill said...

Sorry to hear about the original. I love this one as well! Nice work once again!

The Flywriter said...

Love it.

Are you going to be selling prints of this one?

cofisher said...

Nice work Joel. I'm saving for my next purchase.

Bigerrfish said...

The pics of you working are way cool..
Hats are a sweet idea!
I was at a cool little hat store over the weekend and got an offer for some custom hats.. I almost had a couple bigerrfish hats made but couldnt bring myself to do it.. I may in the future..
Your fish painting came out bad azz

Unknown said...

thanks for the comments guys. I should have prints up for puchase in the comming week. As Soon as I do I'll include it in a post. As far as the hats go I think I will be going with a stitched patern on the front of a wet fly. I figure this might be better than a calendar - easier for my tight schedual as well. Plus anybody that knows me knows that I always have a cap on when not at work. Any suggestions on color - black, tan, navy, green, camo?

Owl Jones said...

If they're tan, they'd no doubt be seen by more fishermen, as I'd have to wear mine to the river for sure.