Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Salwater Streamer In Greens & Some Thanks

This green little guy has a lot of color in the tail that in the clear blue water of the gulf would catch the eye of any passing bonefish.  It has been my dream to spend a month or two (or a year or two) sailing the Caribbean fishing for tarpon and bonefish in the shallows of some forgotten reef.  Until that day comes - if it ever does - I will paint these beauties and dream of latching onto one of the scaled beasts for the ride of my life.

Also I would like to thank Albert Rasch from Rasch Outdoor Chronicles for profiling my art on his blog. When he contacted me about doing it I was really humbled. He runs one of the top hunting and outdoor boots on the web and it is an honor for him to take time and do a post dedicated to this blog. I would post a link to his blog but unfortunately I'm mobile posting and can't pull up to link option. You can however click his link on my blog role and give him some traffic.
Many thanks to all that have given my blog post time over the past year. PLEASE CLICK ON THOSE AND THE MANY OTHERS on my blog role that take time out of their lifes to share with the rest of us. Thanks once again.


cofisher said...

Joel, if you're not recognized as an unbelievable outdoors artist, there is no justice in the world.

Michael Agneta said...

Cofisher said it all. Have a few DeJong prints in my house, they are all awesome.

Bigerrfish said...

Me too!

Unknown said...

Many thanks for your support guys. Glad you enjoy them.