Monday, September 27, 2010

Tenkara Midge and A Request

Fly number 270 for the year.  With less than 100 posts to go I am running out of juice looking for flies to paint so I am asking my blogging followers to send me pics of their favorite flies.  I need you to take a pic of you favorite fly in your vice, in the lip of a fish, or just the fly all alone and send them to me.  I will be looking for dries, wets, streamers, anything that catches fish.  Help me finish this year out.


Brk Trt said...

I'll send you a few photos.

Leigh said...


How about some more terrestrials or possibly more bass flies?

Unknown said...

Brk Trt - thanks for the photos, as always, great stuff.
Leigh - you got it.
All those that sent me emails on this one, (there were quite a few!!) Thanks again for the contributions.

Jason Klass said...

What will happen to the blog when a year is up? Will you discontinue it or keep it going? -Jason

Unknown said...

Jason - I have been asked this before and what I have come up with is that I will continue this blog rebranded as another year on the fly but I will not be doing a fly a day. Instead it will be more of a weekly type thing.

Tenkara USA said...

Hey Joel,
Of course I am biased, but I am truly enjoying your tenkara fly posts. They are also something most people are not familiar with so there is probably room to explore.
A while ago Mr. Fujioka came up with a chart of the types of tenkara flies based on years of research and collection:
If you cover one of each style that will give you a few more ahead of you.
His site is invaluable for these:

Then there is the snake skin tenkara flies:

And, there are the "Ayu" flies, there are 600+ types of these flies, but they are all nearly identical. The Meboso family in Kanazawa has been tying these flies from the same shop for over 430 years. Here is one that I purchased when I visited them: The head of these flies is actually made with gold [leaf]. The interesting thing is that Ayu, the fish these flies are used for, are "vegetarian" eating moss from rocks.

Keep up the good work, less than a 100 to go means you've done a tremendous job already, and it'll be quite an accomplishment.

Bigerrfish said...

I could kick you some more

TenkaraOnTheFly said...

How 'bout this purple beauty?