Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poor Sally

Via my request for flies to render as somewhat artful creations, I recieved this 'poor sally' from Alan over at http://Smallstreamreflections.blogspot.com   I decided not to attempt to duplicate his original because it is so well done. Instead I have done a 5x7 claybord etching of this classic and left out the color.  The end result is better looking than the pic shows.  I enjoined working on this piece so much I think I will have to do more of these type etchings.

I have received quite a response from my request with a lot of flies now in my in box so bare with me while I cycle through them.


Brk Trt said...

Well done friend.
I love whats been done to "Poor Sally"


Bigerrfish said...

I dig this fly and really like the insect its self, in like a pet kind of way