Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Fly & A New Look

Here is a quick fly and a few words.

Unfortunately the little trip I had planned with Jason from Killbillies.com fell through due to other commitments with our day jobs but I am so pumped for a bit of trout fishing that I still plan on making a bit of a trip later this week. I plan on testing my new Tenkara set-up from TENKARA USA on some killer native rainbow and brookie streams in the upstate.

On another note.
You might have noticed the new look to the blog and header. I thought it was appropriate for the start fall. I have also added a BUY A PRINT button at the top of this page for purchasing both 8x10 and 5x7 trout prints and low prices. There is also a few other buttons including a PAINT YOUR FISH button and a BUY A FLY page. Please check them out and feel free to email any questions you might have.


Michael Agneta said...

Nice new look Joel. Very bold. I like it. Question, does your Tenkara USA ad bleed over into the right margin in your browser? I use Google Chrome and it's doing that, no biggie, just wanted to let you know if you didn't see it.

Which tenkara rod did you get? Welcome to the dark side! :)

Unknown said...

troutrageous, Thanks very much and I have noticed that little glitch but am at this point unable to fix it. when I get more time i hope to find a solution.

Its a 12ft and it is freeking great!