Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inked and Tee

Here is another sketch as well as a few more thoughts on the Tee idea. Thanks for all the comments yesterday as well as the emails. I realized white was not an option for a tee shirt (you should never wear white while fishing trout, unless you enjoy the feeling of being skunked). The colors I am leaning toward now is a faded earthy green or dark tan. I mocked up another shirt but still not sure about the tag line. I liked the suggestions the other day and might have to hold a contest for the finished look and tag line. I also might have to alter the look of the art because with the thick black ink, it does truly look like the fly is swimming in oil. Maybe the slogan should be "The Only Good Oil Is Fish OIL". Here is another one I thought of just as I was walking into work this morning. "Imitation Is The Best Form Of Fishing" . I'm also thinking of placing tag on back instead of front. Any more thoughts?

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