Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tarpon & A Tarpon Killer Fly

Tarpon are considered by many the ultimate big game saltwater fish to hook on a fly.  Heavyweight rods with precise sight casting across long distances add to the thrill of these fish.  Bonefish and permit are the two other flats fish that with the big tarpon, make up the salt flats grand slam of fly fishing. 

As of now I am not in a position to be able to fish any of these flats fish so I have to spend what free time I have reading up on them and dreaming.
This tarpon is a small 7.5"x5.5" watercolor.  The fly is a typical long nose, weight aft, tarpon killer. 

Also I am going to 'float' this idea out there. If any fellow Bloggers or blog followers out there have a good fish picture you want painted, please email it to me. A year of painting a pic a day is a big project and I often find myself searching for new takes on painting. I can't promise your pic will make it to paint & paper but any pic submitted will get consideration & who knows, the next painting post might just be yours...  Enjoy.


StridArt said...

Nice one Joel...I like it.

Michael Agneta said...

Agree with Peter, nice pic. Headed down to the FL Keys this weekend - no fishing planned - but I'm sure will see some tarpon.

Unfortunately, my photos tend to be pretty bad, so not sure they'd translate well.

Have you considered painting a reverse hackle tenkara-style fly? Google Sakasa Kebari if you need reference. Food for thought.

JMP said...

Great job....

Unknown said...

Peter - thanks

Troutrageous - thanks for the suggestion, look for it in the coming week. It's a good looking fly.

JMP - thanks as well

Leigh said...


I recently caught a small 14" pike on a popper. Would you consider painting one?


Unknown said...

Can do. It's now on the list.