Monday, June 14, 2010

A Summer On The Fly #1

With the aid of my first follower - Josh, over at - we have teamed up to do some joint blogging on a shared passion. The art of the fly. Both in tied form, with bigerrfish skill at the vise, and in paint, with my attempts at the drawing board.  I had started this blog with the intended effect of learning more about fly fishing as well as improving my artistic talents and with the aid and encouragement of family friends and my Bloggers like josh over at I am achieving that goal. Keep an eye out for more of these joint posts in the coming weeks. I look forward to the challenge.


Bigerrfish said...

Thumbs UP!!

Michael Agneta said...

Very cool idea guys - will be looking forward to each installment this summer (as if I'm not on each of your blogs daily anyway!!!)

Mark said...

Very cool, I look forward to following your guys' progress through the summer.