Monday, June 21, 2010

Crane Fly

I hope all you fathers out there had a good day. Mine was a great day with the chance to hang out with friends and family and watch a bit of golf. A little side note - It was tough to watch our SC native drop from -6 yesterday to post an end score of +4 and choke in the last round. Phil, Tiger, and Else, couldn't even get it together. I visited that pebble beach two years ago... NO I DID NOT PLAY IT, are you kidding? One I could never afford it and two I think they would throw me out before I finished due to BAD golfing.. No, I visited it while out there on a family vacation. It is truly a great looking course.
Also, For those that follow this blog you might just notice a new button near the top of the page that will direct you to another page. Buy A Fly has come as the requests for how to purchase one of these flies has grown. I have settled on a opening price for these small pieces of art of a mere $25 plus $3 shipping. The larger painting of fish are not part of this offer. Enjoy your day all you fly addicts

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