Friday, June 25, 2010

Redhead Soft Hackle

An 8 x 8 in. attempt at a soft hackle fly.
Also asking my fellow Bloggers out there for a bit of information on gsmnp. Planning a little trip I hope will come together for a back country trip next month to the shores of Lake Fontana.  If anybody has inside knowledge of this area and is willing to share it, shoot me a line.
Of course if I can't make it to the park, there is always the waters of the Chattooga.


Bigerrfish said...

had a dream... Rabbit strip streamers, thown at the shore from a boat, aggressive retrieves and small mouth all day long on Fontana lake.. next day,, big bows from Deep Creek on s$m's, hit up Hazel to finish up...make a bitchin blog

Unknown said...

Its a nice dream. We'll see if it comes together.