Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer On The Flies #2

Here Is the second installment of Bigerrfish and AYearOnTheFly joint posts. It is a Sulfur Emerger Josh tied direct from my blog. The original Post was done some time ago and not wanting to duplicate the same fly in the same manner again I came up with this presentation. This is a pencil sketch with the only color added is a bit of paint to the fly. Measuring 18 x 12 in. It is much larger than most of my posts but I have been enjoying the larger format pictures lately. I think with all the work I've been doing with the small stuff It has paid off in my larger works.

This is the original posted fly. Bigerrfish sent me a great photo of this fly tied up in a very professional way. It was a joy to see it in the real form and know I had some hand in its creation. He also sent along a great pic of this fly in the water from a fishes eye which is all the inspiration I needed to sketch out this post. I hope you fellow bloggers and a year on the fly viewers enjoy it.