Saturday, August 27, 2011

Drawing Trout & Random Stuff

Just doing a bit of sketching and watching the weather.  It will be interesting to see how it develops over the weekend.  It should prove interesting for those in the north east.
If this little guy looks somewhat familiar, it is.  I took the inspiration for it from my new header.  It was a solid holdover brown I hooked late this spring on a stretch of South Carolina water.  It really is just an excuse to have something to post since work and other stuff has been keeping me off the water.
This sketch is a 7"x 5" ink on 130lb paper and in available for purchase (Cheap) by email.
One other thing I got for today is a shot I took on a recent trip from the small window of a jet.  Sun setting over the western horizon and a few buildups bring up some amazing shadows and bright colors.  You really cant beat some of the views you get at 30,000 feet.
It is truly amazing the quality of today's small cameras.

I also wanted to give you another opportunity to win free music.  Just go to my Dean Brody post and leave a comment and you will be entered to win a FREE Dean Brody CD.  Who doesn't love FREE!  Contest ends on the 30th.


TexWisGirl said...

holy crap! that shot from the plane is phenomenal!

TenkaraOnTheFly said...

I dig that sketch a lot!

Unknown said...

TexWisGirl, I knew youd like the pic. It isn't one of those great animal pics you got but a Thunderstorm is an animal unto itself.
Goneflyfishing, thanks, for a black and white it didn't turn out to bad

cofisher said...

Amazing photograph.

David McKenzie said...

Gifted! Love the drawing. The plane shot is sick.

Brenda said...

I had to read to make sure you took that pic. With your camera phone? Amazing. What a great Creator we server.

Jason said...

Really love the drawing! Is it still available to purchase?

Could it be used commercially?

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