Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Trout and The Spider

I got a new sketch book today.  I filled a few others and needed a new one for the days I spend on the road.  The moment I got home I planned on mowing the yard but instead I did not wait a second to sit down at the kitchen table and doodle out a trout on the first page.  There is just something about a blank pad of paper that is.... well it intimidating and I feel its necessary to get something in it so the rest of the book will be easier to fill.  This young Japanese trout seemed like just the starter to fill the first five inches.  Only 49 pages left to fill.  This doodle is a 6.5in x 3.5in ink archival ink on 130lb heavy weight, PH neutral artist paper.

As for the spider.  I got home last night from a long road trip to find my garden filled with neglected fruit, my grass longer than the wheat fields of Nebraska, and this big boy clinging to the side of my shed.  Part of the fun of the out doors is finding new things to go back research.  I thought I would solicit you help in my entomology research.  I suspect TexWisGirl or Jay might know what it is.  Whatever it is I doubt a trout would have any part of it.  A bass maybe but a finicky trout, not a chance.  I myself let it be and hoped it enjoyed feasting on the wasps that had taken up residence next to my mower.  ( I am not looking forward to doing battle with them today).


TexWisGirl said...

yellow argiope! commonly called a garden spider! :)

love that you had to start that sketch book before you could do anything else. :)

Brk Trt said...

Love the trout

Anonymous said...

I hope that spider eats aphids:)

Bigerrfish said...

always called that a garden spider.. fun to feed. good for the fruits!

Mark Kautz said...

Wasps, wait until dark and spray the crap out of them with Ortho wasp spray. Wasps become dormant at night. You can also get one of those yellow wasp traps, but make sure it's away from the house so it will draw them out and away from the house. I have 5 around my house and no wasps attached to the house, but a lot of dead ones in the traps.


Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Nice Sketch!!

cofisher said...

Really nice sketch...would love to see it or something close finished out.

Unknown said...

TWgrl - knew you'd get it!
brktrt - Thanks
Anyom - Web is full of them
Bgrrfsh - the tomato's are thankful I'm sure.
Shoreman - I have two of the traps but need to reload them. I sprayed them at night and the next day I went in to put my weedeater away and bamm got stung on the nose. I hate those little devils!
flyWater -thanks
Cofisher - I'll see what I can do :)