Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Music Giveaway (Dean Brody)

Who Is Dean Brody?  This is what I asked myself when I got an email from Deans music promoter asking me to do a plug for her singer.  Well thanks to the technology available in today's world I was able to answer this question with little effort.  After downloading a few of his hits from the site I discovered an up and coming country artist with down home roots.  Long story cut short, This guy is now on my playlist and I am giving you the opportunity for him to be on yours as well.
As my wife and friends can attest too, my music interest are all over the map.  From an Irish punk folk mix to Classical composers, classic rock to Jimmy Buffett, and quite often Country my library of music fits my personality.  As a guy that shies away from city life for the simplicity of rural life and the values one finds in the small towns of my youth, a Country artists like Dean Brody sing the songs that I can relate to.
In a world of singers who seem to lack truth in the songs that they sing (mainly from the fact that they don't write their own tracks) Dean Brody has a connection to every song he sings.  Hemingway once was heard to tell an aspiring writer "write what you know" and Dean seams to have done just that. His life seems to be in every line and every cord.   That truth will resonate with anyone that hears his music and likes solid country music.

So what do you need to do win his new album "Trail In Life"?   The answer is simple.
1.  You must be a follower of this blog
2.  You must leave a comment telling us what you look for in a good song.  What is it that makes that special song a constant on your play list or makes you get into a grove while tying up flies or driving to that secluded stream.

(The winner will be randomly selected from all the comments at the end on the month and Deans new album will be mailed out that first week of September.  This post will be re-posted periodically through the rest of the month.)


Trev Sliwkanich said...

In terms of music for driving, it depends greatly on my mood, time of day, and destination. After loading up with gas driving at night through a major metropolitan city near the end of a trip calls for some jazz a la Dave Brubeck, or the guys from Jazz and Fly Fishing.

Driving alone down dirt oil roads to a secluded small grayling stream: Ian Tyson, Corb Lund, Garth Brooks. That is to say--country country country.

Lastly, a couple guys, bombing down the highway en route to a popular destination in the winter on that one warm day after a cold snap: Classic rock, without a doubt. Driving (no pun intended)riffs with pounding drums. It's better than coffee for keeping you awake.

Jay said...

I also have eclectic musical taste. I like a good beat, a sing-a-long chorus, and lyrics I can relate to. Not all of the songs i like fit that formula, but most do. When it comes to rock I like everything from CCR to Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon. When it comes to country I really like new ooey gooey stuff from Sugarland, but grew up on Randy Travis... so I have a very wide range of appreciation for music of all sorts.

Unknown said...

Glad I found this through Jay's site! Great review of this album. Things are look for in a good song boil down to one thing, I like it to be believable. I like hearing the message in the tone of the voice just as much as the words themselves. A good hook doesn't do much for me if I don't believe what the music or singer is telling me.

Rob Dares said...

I've never met a song I didn't like...but some I like better than others. I think the words are perhaps the most important component, as I enjoy a song I can sing along with, or sing for my friends around the campfire. But I have been known to hum a few bars from an instrumental piece on occasion, albeit off-key.
I relate well to country, new and old, although I prefer the newer stuff, which, in my opinion is very close to the popular "rock" music of my youth in the 1970's. Let's face it, Alan Jackson songs are not that far removed from Jimmy Buffet, or even Jim Croce for that matter. I think Rod Stewart has the most distinctive voice of all, and is getting a run for his money from Scottish born, Canadian singer Johnny Reid.

So...any song with a catchy tune, a love story attached to it, words I can sing while tying a cosseboom or muddler minnow is a great song as far as I am concerned.

Good luck with your blog, I love it and your fish pictures too !!