Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tenkara Sketch & a Different Kind Of 3 Kings

The Tenkara army is growing and I believe that its bloggers that are driving this new wave of fly fishing.  Every day I see more and more posts on the subject of Tenkara and as this phenomenon spreads I feel inspired to promote it.
Also, I have finally gotten around to adding the Three Kings Of The Stream to my Buy A Fish page. If you are interested in a different three kings this season, just click over to the page and purchase this print.

1 comment:

Owl Jones said...

I'm so new a convert, I'm still awaiting my rod in the mail! I think part of the passion of the developing "tenkara army" is that it's all so new and fresh. For me, my wife is saying my excitement over tenkara reminds her of the "feel" of my early days of trouting.

As for the art - it's magnificent as always!