Thursday, December 2, 2010

A little Owl Bug....Sort Of.

Here is a bit of a poached fly the the Owl man in good old Northern GA.  It isn't an identical take on his version but I got to make it my own.  If you haven't seen this guys blog / blogs - you are missing out.  Good funny stuff.  I am also liking his X-Wing fighter fly OMG ITS FLY TYING & Fly Fishing Southern BlueRidge.


cofisher said...

Joel I agree 100%. The Owlman is hilarious and has an excellent fly tying site. You're interpretation of his fly is pretty neat. It would be interesting to see it work.

By the way, I received my two prints today. All I can say is unbelievable. I'm so pleased and hope others will take advantage of the amazing work and unheard of prices for a work of art. Thanks, Joel you'll be hearing from me again.

Bigerrfish said...

Dude is funny, dont know what to think of the tricks in the post titles.
I like how in your painting you took some of the material out of the gape, now it will hold a fish!

Owl Jones said...

You guys know I can see what you're saying about me, right? ;) LOL

YoTF, that is AWESOME! And btw - to echo Cofisher, so are the prints I got yesterday. I posted about 'em. All this mutual respect and admiration( of whatever kind - hey, i'll take what i can get. ;)lol)is just so typical flyfisher isn't it?
It's like standing on the banks of a big, virtual river and meeting up with people you don't know...and pulling your most effective fly out of your box and saying " Here, man. Try this one!" with a wink and a smile.

I'm extremely honored that you based a painting on one of my flies, and I'm just as honored and thankful to you Cofisher and Bigerrfish for the compliments. God gave me "weird" and I run with it. ;)