Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Alder Fly... And A Few Thoughts

 The Alder fly: Successful on freestone stream.  Tied size 10-16 with black silk, purple or black hurl body, brown hen wing, and black cock hackle.  A traditional fly for the classic angler but still an effective catcher of trout - so I have read.   I occasionally check out our fly fishing friends from over the pond and see what they come up with.  A lot of them are innovators of flies and new material but they do have a devotion to the classics. 
I admire that and feel somewhat that a connection to the classic is necessary for the sport.  It is really what has drawn me to fly fishing.  I love the old school way of doing things.  The reliance on ones own abilities to get a thing done.  If I need a thing fixed I try to fix it myself.  If I need a kitchen table build specifically for the size of my kitchen, I build it myself.  If I want to catch fish, I don't go down to the store and buy some fancy lure made by a machine - well sometimes I do - but mostly I tie up my own fly and catch trout. 
It might be the cheep Dutch blood in me that hates spending money on something I can make myself but its my way.  Its a way that our ancestors did things.  Its a reliance on ones own abilities or the drive to learn to do something, and do it well, that I believe a lot of Americans - and people around the globe - have forgotten about or no longer care about.  Anyway, sorry for the rant.  When I started typing I was only going to post the fly recipe but then the words started to flow.  Back to the fly - I got this little guy from a British fly tying book.  It ain't much of a painting but I hope this fly is to their tastes. Enjoy...

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Bigerrfish said...

Good write up Joel, worth the time for sure!