Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tenkara Santa

This little guy is called a Smut and was first known to be tied by a Danish fly fisherman and later perfected by Goddard.  Tied with all the material on the front of a small hook, this fly hangs on the surface like a fly unable to hatch.  I was going to title this post as A LITTLE SMUT but thought that it might get the wrong type of traffic on this site. 

Also here is a bit of bragging about my art being used commercially.  Daniel, from Tenkara USA asked me a few weeks ago to paint up a Tenkara Santa based on the Ebisu beer guy for a Christmas card.  It was a fun project and I was happy to see it on his site as an opening banner.  Check out it out at and discover the best way to fish the small streams of the world.  I have a Tenkara USA fly rod in my arsenal and know of no better way to backpack and fly fish a small stream
You should also check out Tenkara Bum and truly become part of the Tenkara Army.  Chris does a great job of supplying all the information you need to tackle a stream near you as well as providing gear to outfit you next trip.
If you fish Tenkara already then you no-doubt already know about these sites but if this is the first time you have heard about Tenkara then these sites are for you.


Michael Agneta said...

HA! That Santa pic is great. I noticed it over at the TUSA site about a week ago, but never noticed the tiny artist credit at the lower left. Very cool Joel!

Owl Jones said...

Cool! And I'll have you know that now I'm researching this whole Tenkara thing again( did so about a month ago, but blew it off as unnecessary simplification of the whole fly fishing thing). Now though, I'm really wanting to try it out, and also to try tying up some tenkara flies. From what I can tell, tenkara has been known pretty well here in the States for about 3 years, but it hasn't really taken off. The economy might have something to do with that, but most rods I can find online are cheaper than a mid-priced rod/reel set up these days.
Sorry for the rambling comment, but I'm all fired up about Tenkara now! ;) hahaha

Owl Jones said...

Ah HA! I knew I'd find it again! THIS is where the madness started for me the other night. Now I've gone and ordered a new Iwana tenkara rod. Thanks for nothin' Year on the Fly! ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks TR and Owl I'm glad I can offer a hand in joining the Tenkara movement. I loved your new Tenkara flies youve been working on.