Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer On The Flies Snake Bite

The Summer On The Flies joint posts continue with the Woolly Bugger variant Snake Bite. Josh sent this fly over too me after my post a few days back after my overnight trip to the SC, GA upstate. Head over to see the actual fly at Bigerrfish.blogspot YOu also might want to check out his past postings for some great stories of flicking out a fly on those big western waters.
The Woolly has been a go to for years and on that trip it was about the only thing those deep hiding trout would bite. On the other hand, I'm am just glad I left without getting bit myself. Enjoy this fly, Its a KILLER.

As for yesterdays post, if you haven't found the blogger who first posted the Caddis Larva then you dont read as much of the blogs as the rest of us. check out Fly&Fin Also head over to TROUTRAGEOUS. He is the first to name the blogger - and if you haven't checked out his site then you are missing ALOT.


Terry said...

Very nice. I like the snake head.

Bigerrfish said...

Nice touch!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys