Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eggs & Wine

Two things that really do not go together but for today... they do. I've never used these flies but for the south they are not really on the radar as a fly one will 'go-to' if the fishing is not going well but I know that in other parts these eggs will hook fish. If you swear by them or loath them one thing is positive, fish find it hard to turn them down.

This is a shot of some of my apple wine on the deck rail overlooking the big Mississippi. A few days ago I opened a few of my 11 month old home made wine. It wont win any awards but it was not as bad as I had feared. I believe that in a few more months and years, these bottles will age nicely. I have also taken quite a few notes on the process and hope in the future to improve this hobby.


Michael Agneta said...

A wine maker huh? Does your "winery" have a name?

Unknown said...

Winery? No, just a few friends dabbling with the process. You can check out a post made in April on our bottling party - the tasting at that point was not so good. I was glad to see improvement.

Michael Agneta said...

C'mon, aspire big...even if it's just an inside joke between you and your friends. Kinda like when the guys made up their own frat in the movie Old School. "You're my boy Blue!"

Bigerrfish said...

eggs would work in the trout streams you fish. if the timing was right.
If you ever get that desperate to catch a fish, let me know, I'll show you the most deadly egg rig known to man. Of if you want it in your knowledge bank.

Awesome photo, eggs, and wine, go fine together.. maybe some cheese?

Leigh said...

Was the wine as good as the view? That's a great pic.