Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bivisible Stimulator

Here is a Black and White Bivisible Stimulator sure to excite those hungry, excitable trout.
Also I was at Lake Erie a few days back and did a little walking along the shore. It was a bit windy but overall a beautiful day. I didn't see anybody fishing but what I did see quite a bit of was these dead guys as well as dead catfish. I'm not sure if this is a normal site on the shores of lake Erie but it seemed like alot of dead fish for the area. Overall I counted about 50 dead fish in less than half a mile of shore line. Is this normal?

1 comment:

Bigerrfish said...

Ha that stimmy looks like a black princeonamid after it hatches.
Dead fish? well that doesn't sound right to me, but then again I had never seen a river drum.
I would bet people are to blame for numbers of dead fish unless ofcourse there runned out salmon..