Monday, June 13, 2011

A Hat Trick...(don't get to excited)

Finally got out the other day to the warm water pond and hooked up with a hat trick southern style.  Crappies, Bass, and Sunfish.  Don't get to excited to see pics of big fish, those were still ellusive.
I took a buddy of mine out fishing for the first time.  He had never had the importunity to fish with a spin rod much less fish with a fly rod so I happily introduced him to fishing the only way I know how; starting out with the fly rod.  I gave him my coveted 5w and a bit of instruction and let him have at it.  Fishing from the bank with a full set of high grass to our back we worked through a lot of hangups in the weeds but finally got that fly in the water, bang!! one very small sunfish.  It was his first fish and I think he might be a new devote to the angling life.   I patted him on the back and grabbed my other rod and moved over to work out his technique without my meddling.  I am not very good at instruction and since most of my schooling in fly fishing came practice and watching YouTube, I thought it best to give a few pointers and let him find his rhythm.  I was elated that he was able to hook up on the first successful cast.
Off to the side of the post we noticed the herring nest I'd been watching for a while had been filled with a few young birds that watched out fishing with interest.
The night previous I had been at work on the vice and tied up a bunch of these yellow and black buck-tails and added a silver body with a red wire rib and red thread head.  I had a number of crappie young bass eagerly take it off the surface along with a few sunfish.  So it is a hat trick even if it wasn't as grand a three species catch as one would hope for.  Just over two hours on the water and quite a few hookups - I still call that a great day but the highlight was putting a fly rod in a new anglers hands and watching him hook up with a fish.  I am sure we will be doing it again soon.
Also, after a long buildup and a whole lot of time put into its development, I am proud to announce the launch of a new player on the specialized fly fishing market. is now officially the place to get your heirloom quality fly rod cases.  Click on over and check out what we have got going on.

Along with high quality rod cases and original art, we also have original Hex Fishing teeshirts featuring my custom art.  Over the coming weeks this blog will be doing a series of blog posts to highlight the specific goods Hex Fishing has to offer.

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Good post Joel!
The perch are wild looking to me, we have them in the state but not in this part... so I thought until I seen a 12 incher that was floating on its side while carpin...