Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Great Weekend

Had a great weekend! The family and I packed up the camping equipment and
headed up into the cooler temps of the blue ridge mountains. Our spot was a
nice quiet one right on the lake and despite a Saturday spent mostly in the tent to avoid the thunder showers, as well as a lack of activity as far as
the fish go, we all enjoyed a great time.
By far camping with the family is one of those experience I treasure and I
know my children will as well. I'm sure they will remember many years later that lone fathers day weekend we sat huddled together on our sleeping bags taking turns telling not so scary stories we made up ourselves.
My favorite was my 5 year old daughters story of Thumpfoot - the forest giant that only came out during storms to raid campsites, steal campers smores and eat unaware campers in there tent........priceless!

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